Winter is Approaching

bad weather ahead - Winter is Approaching

Winter is Approaching

Winter is Approaching  fast as we all going through the horrendous weather bought to us by hurricane Irma, it seems we might still need to pull out our warm fleeces and outerwear or look to ordering early after all.

What to Wear

The Regatta Activewear and AWDis hoodies are always a big hit. When normally people would be finishing their Summer holidays and sports tours attentions with the recent storms have moved to purchasing warmer clothing to keep warm. However, As our range has increased this year we’re sure you’ll all be able to find something to suit all seasons and keep you looking great in your personalised clothing.

Popular Brands

The AWDis College hoody is a firm favourite with our customers and is sure to be an even bigger hit this year, Whether you are looking for embroidery logo near me or clothing embroidery near me we have the cheapest clothing prices in the UK and better still all our prices include embroidery and printing.

Customers can get our big seller for this year is set to be the AWDis Hoodie range, We offer a full range including the varsity hoodie which is a two tone hoody with different coloured inside hood and drawcords.

Customers can also come and talk to us direct, you can interact with the team in many ways through live chat, telephone or e-mail.

Don’t delay contact a member of the team today.

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