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Cool Style or Fashion

Cool Style or Fashion that is the question when looking at a new uniform. Things have changed over the years with more choice then ever before. 15 years ago customers had a choice of 2 sweats, maybe 3 polos and if we were lucky 4 t-shirts. Of course they were all unisex, your choice was a simple one and there wasn’t much choice of colour. It all began to change and personalised clothing began to follow the high street in terms of choice and fit.

The fashion revolution had arrived.

Fitted garments were now very fashionable. In almost every genre of garment we now have unisex and fitted choice and we think it is great. There is something for everyone.

However fitted garments don’t suit or fit everyone and are often a shorter cut. What you might want to wear on a night out can become inappropriate in the nursery or in the office.

Unisex fit may seem un-cool but sometimes they are the sensible choice. So, if one of your staff is less confident about their body image or perhaps a little on the larger size, consider their comfort and the practicality of the fitted garment.

In modern day times you can now design your own shirt to be custom made, there are also an array of cheap t shirts, customized shirts. Whether you are looking for cheap custom shirts, Embroidery or Screen Printing everything is available at a touch of a button. 

Also remember that you can mix all garments in the order, they don’t have to be all the same
When you are choosing please bear these options in mind.

Consider the following items:

Russell V Neck Sweatshirt J272M unisex as opposed to A501F
Klassic Polo Shirt KK403 unisex as opposed to KK703
Polycotton Polo Shirt GD042 unisex as opposed to GD043

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