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Pricing Information Overview

We try to keep our pricing as simple as possible, but due to the huge number of ordering possibilities on Embroidery Central we have to provide pricing that reflects the very different costs of certain aspects of your order. There are 3 main costs associated with any order. Firstly, there is the cost of the products themselves. Secondly there is the application charge Finally, for all customisation there is a one-time setup charge. This is the cost of turning the artwork you provide into a format that can be used by our embroidery or printing machines.

Product Costs

At Embroidery Central, we stock and supply a huge range of clothing and other items from various manufacturers. We offer quantity discounts on all products so you can get the best possible price; the more you buy, the more you save. On every product page you will find pricing on each product that includes your embroidered or printed logo. 

Application Charges

For each printing or embroidery application you have on a garment, the cost is displayed per application, we offer quantity discounts on embroidery and print making Embroidery Central the most competitive garment decorator in the UK. If you require further applications e.g. a left and right chest logo or a left chest and back logo you can add multiple personalisations in the customizer tool during the checkout process.The cost depends on the number of applications you require; the more you purchase, the cheaper the cost of each application.

Setup Charges

When ordering a customisation for the first time, a setup charge will be applied to your order. The setup cost covers the time and expense of converting the file or text you upload into a format that can be used by our printing or embroidery machines. The current setup charge list is as follows:

Type One Time Cost
Printed Text: FREE
Embroidered Text: FREE
Printed Logo: FREE
Embroidered Logo: £9.95


Remember, once you have paid a setup charge for a customisation, you will automatically not be charged this fee again on subsequent orders.

Getting a Price

If you just want to get a price, please use our fast and easy request a call back service.


If you have any questions or require guidance please get in touch with us on 01623 759 728 or e-mail sales@embroiderycentral.co.uk